Embarking on a new fence installation project can feel daunting, especially if you lack experience in this area. At times like this, having an expert by your side is important. The Shed & Fence Company is a reputable and dependable fencing contractor in Minnesota that will guide you through every step of the process, from initial planning to final installation and completion. To help you navigate your fence installation process with confidence, we are sharing seven valuable tips:

#1: Speak to Your Neighbors

Informing your neighbors about your intention to install a new Minnesota residential fence is always advisable. Open communication encourages positive relationships with those living in close proximity to you and minimizes potential conflicts or misunderstandings. While it’s not essential to disclose every detail, mentioning your plans is a courteous gesture. Moreover, if the fence is to be installed along a shared property line, they may appreciate the heads-up and even offer to share the costs, as it benefits them too.

#2: Confirm the Location of Your Property Lines

Prior to starting your fence project, it’s important to confirm that the information you have regarding your property’s boundary lines is accurate. We often will help with this step and obtain a site survey from the city. You can also enlist the services of a qualified land surveyor. Providing accurate information to your fencing contractor is essential, as it enables them to determine precisely where your property boundaries lie and install your new fence accordingly.

#3: Check Your Local Laws

If your residence is part of a homeowners association (HOA), it’s important to educate yourself about their regulations concerning fence height, material, and color for any new fence project. HOAs typically enforce strict guidelines, including restrictions on certain months for work projects. Contact your HOA beforehand to make sure you are falling within the rules. Even in non-HOA communities, fencing regulations may exist. Reach out to your local city or county office to find out about any codes or restrictions. While a local fencing contractor in Minnesota is likely familiar with local regulations, it is not their responsibility to make sure you adhere to them, it’s yours.

#4: Notify Local Utility Companies

Before arranging your fence installation, we will take care of calling for the identification of underground utilities. They’ll send a team to mark the locations of underground water, electric, or gas lines, etc. which is a crucial precaution before any digging begins. 

#5: Design Your Perfect Fence

Once you’ve approved the style and materials for your project, it’s time to contact a highly-rated fencing contractor in Minnesota to begin the planning phase. The Shed & Fence Company offers a variety of residential fencing materials for your consideration. Use our convenient online quote tool to promptly receive an estimate for your project. This tool allows you to view an aerial view of your property and outline a fence within your property lines. Additionally, you can compare various fence materials and costs. Prior to making your selection, carefully assess your home’s existing color scheme, decor, and architectural style to ensure your chosen fence complements your property’s overall aesthetic.

#6: Prepare Your Yard

Once your fence is ordered and the installation is scheduled, take some time to remove any items that could obstruct or slow down the installation. Clean up any toys that may be lying around, pick up dog waste, and, if necessary, mow the grass. Ensuring the prep work is done beforehand will help the installation move along quickly and smoothly. 

#7: Choose a Reliable Fencing Contractor in Minnesota

When you’re making a significant investment, such as a new Minnesota residential fence for your home, you will want to make sure you are choosing a company that not only offers quality products and workmanship but also one that provides excellent customer service and practical solutions for your needs. The Shed & Fence Company is here for all of it! We have been providing high-quality fencing solutions for the West Metro area since 2020.

Ready To Start Your New Fence Project with a Trustworthy Fencing Contractor in Minnesota?

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