When it comes to storage solutions, a well-built shed is a game-changer. Whether you need a space to store your gardening tools and outdoor equipment or simply create an additional storage area for your home, Shed and Fence Company offers custom sheds in West Metro, MN designed to fit your family. With high-quality standard shed features and customization options, our sheds are crafted to meet your specific needs while enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Standard Shed Features from a Trusted Fencing Contractor in Minnesota

Our custom sheds in West Metro, MN are built with high-quality, standard features to provide strength and beauty. Our standard sheds come with a lean-to or center-peak roof, offering versatility and style to match your preferences. The exterior of our sheds is built using LP Smart Siding, a factory-primed 3/8″ siding that combines durability with a visually appealing finish. To ensure a polished look, we include 1×4 pine trim that adds a touch of elegance to the overall structure.


We understand the importance of a solid foundation, so we build our sheds on 4×4 skids supported by a basic block foundation. This strong foundation ensures the stability and longevity of your shed. Additionally, our sheds have a wood (pine) drip edge, tar paper, and shingled roof to create a beautiful, long-lasting structure.


Accessing your shed is easy with a spacious 56″ door opening featuring double barn doors. These wide doors provide ample space to move in and out of the shed without any hassle. Safety is our priority, and we ensure that our sheds are leveled up to the highest ground in the shed area. 

Upgrade Your Shed Construction with Shed and Fence Company

For customers looking for improved durability or a different aesthetic, we offer various construction upgrades. Our treated floor framing and pressure-treated plywood flooring provide excellent resistance against moisture and decay, ensuring a longer lifespan for your shed and resistance to the elements. The 2×6 floor joists offer additional support and stability. 


If you desire a more robust and visually appealing exterior, our 1/2″ DuraTemp siding adds durability and a smooth finish to your shed. DuraTemp siding is a water-resistant western softwood veneer with an exterior resin for additional stability and longevity. For customers seeking alternative siding options, we also offer 7/16″ or 5/8″ LP siding, giving you flexibility in choosing the siding that best suits your style and preference. We provide gravel foundation pads to enhance the foundation, offering stability and elevation for your shed.

Customize Your Shed with Accessories and Upgrades

We offer a range of accessory upgrades to tailor your shed to your unique needs. Exterior service doors provide an additional entry point, allowing for easy access to specific items stored in your shed. Roll-up doors offer a convenient solution for storing larger equipment or vehicles. Adding windows to your shed allows natural light to enter and enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space.


Our ramps provide easy access to equipment or heavy items, making moving in and out of your shed effortless. If you prefer a metal roof for its durability and long lifespan, we offer this option to suit your needs. Our barn-style roof is a perfect choice for customers seeking a more traditional and rustic look. Finally, lofts are an excellent way to maximize vertical storage space, allowing you to store items without wasting valuable floor space.

Choose a Premier Fencing Contractor in Minnesota For Your Shed

Investing in a high-quality shed improves your outdoor space’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our sheds are carefully designed, ensuring durability, stability, and long-lasting performance. With customizable features, construction upgrades, and accessory options, our sheds can be tailored to suit your needs and help you make the most of your storage space. 

Shed and Fence Company Has You Covered!

The best custom sheds in West Metro, MN come from our team of experienced shed professionals! To get started on your new shed, review some of the completed projects in our photo gallery. To contact one of our experienced team members, contact us online or reach out to us at (763) 568-3183. We look forward to making a beautiful shed for your home or business!