Fence installation can be a sought-after necessity for many homeowners and business owners. At Shed and Fence Company, a top West Metro, MN fence company, we have an ideal solution to keep your fencing project under budget. Read on to learn why our new-and-improved chain link fence design is the number one choice for Minnesota properties.

Stay Under Budget with our Minnesota Chain Link Fence

There are several reasons why homeowners and property managers in Minnesota prefer chain link fences. This type of fence is versatile and affordable, so you can keep your project under budget and have enough wiggle room for upgrades and enhancements if you choose! Here are the reasons to opt for chain link fencing if you need an economical fence solution:

Chain Link Fence is an Economical Material

Photo of a chain link fence in West Metro, Minnesota Chain link fences are surprisingly inexpensive. You can go with the basic option of galvanized fencing if security is all you need, but you do not need to settle for an unattractive fence. Our West Metro, MN fence company takes pride in helping customers design and build chain link fences from budget-friendly galvanized styles to the more sophisticated options! Upgrading to a black PVC-coated chain link fence is the number one choice for our customers. Learn more about our Permacoat Chain Link fencing. 


Fast, Easy Installation Makes Chain Link Fences Affordable

Photo of a chain link fence in West Metro, Minnesota The experts at our West Metro, MN fence company can build a chain link fence very quickly, even in colder weather. This type of fence is easy to install, and our expert installation team is proficient in the process of building these reliable fences. Depending on the size and layout, a chain link fence can be completed within hours instead of days, which keeps costs significantly lower for the customer.


Warranty Coverage Protects Customers from Future Expenses

Photo of a chain link fence in West Metro, Minnesota There are multiple layers of warranty coverage included when you work with our West Metro, MN fence company. The Shed and Fence Company extends a complimentary ten-year workmanship warranty to all of our customers to ensure resilience and longevity. In addition, the manufacturer warranty ensures that your chain link fence will remain in excellent condition for at least fifteen years.

Top Options for Minnesota Chain Link Fence Projects

If you’re in the market for a chain link fence, you’re in luck! Chain link fence has come a long way in recent years, making this affordable material much more attractive and even more durable than ever before. A maintenance-free galvanized chain link fence can last for decades without a hint of rust, thanks to improved technologies. The most popular choice in Minnesota for an attractive and affordable fence is a black PVC-coated chain link fence, hands down!

PVC-Coated Chain Link Fences are Safer for Kids and Pets

Photo of PVC vinyl coated chain link fence in West Metro, Minnesota The number one choice for Minnesota residences, schools, and daycare centers is a PVC-coated chain link fence. The PVC coating makes chain link fences more attractive, more durable, and safer for pets and kids. The plastic finish is soft to the touch and will not easily tear or corrode. Chain link fences are surprisingly secure. While some styles of standard fencing can be easily climbed, there are enhancements to make a chain link fence one of the MOST secure options.


Slatted Chain Link Fence Features for Privacy

Photo of chain link with privacy slats in West Metro, Minnesota By adding colored privacy slats to your chain link fence, you can add a tremendous amount of privacy to your residential fence or commercial fence.  With the great addition of privacy slatting, you can control the visibility of your home or property and provide a safe, secure environment within your Minnesota chain link fence perimeter. Black is the most popular color choice, but you can choose whatever compliments your property best. Other options include green, brown, and sometimes even white is available.


Galvanized Chain Link Fences for Active Areas

Photo of galvanized chain link fence in West Metro, Minnesota Chain link is a common choice for baseball diamond backstops, outdoor basketball courts, and tennis courts. You’re also likely to see this type of fence installed around a pool or backyard. A simple galvanized chain link can be the least expensive option of all fences. PVC-coated chain link, also called Polymer-coated, provides a softer feel, is more attractive, and provides added durability. These types of fences are a great solution for many Minnesota residential and commercial applications.

Explore our Minnesota Chain Link Fence Gallery

Make sure to visit our Chain Link Fence page on our website to explore your local Minnesota chain link fence options. See photos of chain link fences designed and installed by our West Metro, MN fence company, the Shed and Fence Company. Here are some of the options and features we offer:

  • Traditional galvanized chain link fence
  • PVC-coated chain link styles in black, brown, and green
  • Customizable slatted upgrades for increased privacy
  • Gates, wire extensions, and other security enhancements

Count on our West Metro, MN Fence Company for Quality Fencing!

The Shed and Fence Company is a values-driven family business in West Metro, MN. We take pride in our work as we’re building a reputation of excellence and trust. We are pleased to offer residential and commercial fencing services at an affordable price. Let’s work together on your Minnesota chain link fence project, and you will have a great fence in no time without breaking your budget. Call us at (763) 568-3183 or send a message online so we can help you get started today!