If you’re looking to install a fence around your yard or business property by spring, now is the time to choose what type of fence will serve you best. At Shed & Fence Company, we offer multiple choices based on your budget and needs. For many customers, a Minnesota vinyl fence is the best investment that you can make. Here are seven reasons why we often recommend vinyl fences to homeowners in the West Metro MN area!

7 Reasons to Choose a Minnesota Vinyl Fence

At Shed and Fence, we have installed hundreds of fences since our company was formed in 2020. Along with vinyl-coated chain link and wood picket styles, paneled vinyl fences are a popular choice for Minnesota residences. Vinyl fences top the list for our local West Metro, MN fence company because they can handle the worst weather, they carry the best warranty, and they won’t break the bank. Vinyl fences are a low-maintenance solution to add privacy and style that will last a lifetime! When you’re considering a Minnesota vinyl fence for your property, remember these seven important benefits…

1. Personalized Styles of Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is a highly customizable fencing material. You can design a West Metro, MN vinyl fence to complement any type of house or property. At Shed & Fence Company, we install Bufftech-brand New Lexington vinyl fences, which are built especially for privacy and durability. Our white vinyl fencing options include great details such as lattice, Victorian style, and other decorative top rail designs. Select a style to compliment your home’s aesthetic!

2. Enjoy Privacy with Vinyl Fencing

Whether you are looking for a private or semi-private fence, our vinyl fencing is the best way to limit the visibility of your yard and your house. Gapless panels can provide full privacy with plenty of height if privacy is the main purpose of your vinyl fence. This option also works well for hiding trash and recycling dumpsters or even mechanical equipment on commercial properties. Our West Metro, MN fence company offers a variety of vinyl fencing options. Our photo gallery will give you an idea of how you can cover or limit the visibility of your yard.

3. Durability and Affordability Boosts a Minnesota Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing has amazing durability, ranking with the strongest fence types like aluminum and steel. A Minnesota vinyl fence will cost much less than heavy metal fence types, but vinyl holds up better than cheaper options such as wood and chain link. Vinyl fencing will not rot, rust, or corrode and rarely ever needs repair. Vinyl fencing is made of non-porous PVC, a very resilient material that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

4. Low Maintenance is Required

Vinyl fences require virtually no maintenance. Typically, the surface stays clean and looks brand new. One of the main benefits of vinyl fences is that they do not require painting, sanding, or sealing over time. Vinyl fences are manufactured as one solid color and, therefore, will not fade or chip. If you notice your fence needs cleaning, all it takes is hosing it down or wiping it with a soapy water solution to restore its original luster!

5. Longevity You Can Count On

In addition to their beautiful appearance and durability, vinyl fences are incredibly long-lasting. Vinyl fences will not fade or absorb water, ensuring they stay attractive and strong for years to come. Our expert installers will build your fence to exact specifications and are experts in the field, so you can feel confident in your purchase with us. Our vinyl fences are designed to be a one-time investment, offering privacy and security for as long as you choose to live there.

6. Our Minnesota Vinyl Fence Warranty

Beyond the 10-year workmanship warranty that we provide through Shed & Fence Company, our Minnesota vinyl fences are also covered under a limited lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. This means that your vinyl fence is a permanently protected addition to your yard, and if you later sell the house and transfer the warranty to the new buyer, this vinyl fence will remain under warranty for up to thirty years. This coverage gives our customers peace of mind and long-term benefits.

7. Vinyl Fences are a Favorite Project for our West Metro, MN Fence Company

Check out our website to see the many creative, attractive ways to enhance your property with a vinyl fence. Find more information and see why our company is proud to offer vinyl fences for our customers in the West Metro, Minnesota area. This is one of our favorite kinds of installations, particularly on residential properties. We stand by our work as a trusted, customer-focused, and family-owned West Metro, MN Fence company. We pride ourselves on working personally with our customers to ensure quality and satisfaction, and we would love to work with you next!

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