Privacy fencing plays an important role in West Metro for enhancing security and creating a secluded atmosphere in both residential and commercial spaces. Choosing between full privacy and semi-privacy fences is a big decision, as each type offers advantages to fit your unique preferences and requirements. At The Shed & Fence Company, we want to help you find the privacy fence that will meet all your needs. Let’s explore and decide which style best suits you!

Full Privacy Fences From Our Minnesota Fence Company

Full privacy fences offer complete seclusion and block views from both sides, making them ideal for homeowners or businesses looking for maximum privacy. Whether creating intimate outdoor spaces, shielding from prying eyes, or reducing noise pollution, these fences provide a greater sense of security and peace. They are a popular choice for properties requiring complete privacy due to their ability to block views effectively. Additionally, full-privacy vinyl fences offer many other benefits beyond their view-blocking abilities.

West Metro, MN Privacy Fence Blocks Sound

Full-privacy fences act as solid barriers that masterfully reduce noise pollution on your property. By creating a solid barrier between your space and the outside environment, these fences absorb and deflect sound waves, quieting the noise from nearby streets, neighbors, or commercial areas. While they may not completely mute unpleasant sounds, a full-privacy fence will create a quieter and more peaceful outdoor space by acting as a barrier between you and disturbing noises.

Full-Privacy Fences May Be Easier to Take Care of

Full-privacy fences are built by placing wood or vinyl pickets tightly together, eliminating any gaps. This smooth and solid surface requires minimal maintenance, making it a hassle-free choice for homeowners. Because there are no spaces between the pickets, cleaning is easier with less surface area and fewer hard-to-reach spots.


As a top-rated West Metro, MN fence company, we are proud to offer a range of full-privacy style options in both wood and vinyl materials. Our most popular wood fence styles in the area are traditional privacy and shadow box designs. You can also choose to customize your wood fence with a variety of cap and trim styles for extra attention to detail. Another popular choice is our traditional, full-privacy vinyl fences, which create a classic look with easy maintenance needs. 

Semi-Privacy Fencing

Semi-privacy fences strike a balance between privacy and visibility, as their name suggests. They include small gaps or decorative elements that provide versatility, offering a compromise between openness and seclusion. These fences are perfect for property owners looking for security and beauty while still maintaining some level of visibility. Just like full-privacy fences, semi-privacy fences also offer their own advantages. Here are some characteristics of semi-privacy fencing:

Allows for Sunlight and a Cool Breeze to Pass Through

If you want a fence that offers some airflow and sunlight while adding privacy, a semi-private fence could be the perfect match for you. The small gaps between pickets in these fences allow light and a refreshing breeze to filter through, enhancing the comfort of your yard or outdoor living area. Enjoying a cool breeze on a hot summer day can be especially refreshing!

Semi-Privacy Fences Keep You in Touch With the Outside World

While there are many benefits to full-privacy fencing, some homeowners may find them isolating, as it secludes the yard from the outside environment. By contrast, semi-privacy fences have gaps between pickets that provide just enough visibility. This lets you see the trees and natural beauty outside your fence, striking a balance between privacy and connection with the outside world. Semi-privacy fences offer the privacy you want without completely closing you off from your surroundings.


Semi-privacy fencing is a happy medium between a West Metro, MN privacy fence and decorative fencing. A few styles our clients love are the picket and decorative vinyl fencing, as well as our chain link fencing with custom PVC privacy slats. With the option to choose from green, brown, black, or classic galvanized steel, chain link fencing is a great choice for West Metro homeowners and business owners thanks to its practicality and durability. 

West Metro, MN Privacy Fence VS a Semi-Privacy Fence: Which One is Right For You?

In the end, whether you choose a full or semi-privacy fence depends on factors such as how much privacy you want, your aesthetic preferences, maintenance needs, and budget. Whether you decide on a solid wood fence for total seclusion, a vinyl fence for easy upkeep, or a chain link fence with privacy slats for a semi-private design, selecting the right fence can improve the security and look of your property.


Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have about the many materials and styles of privacy fencing we offer. You can also check out our work for design inspiration and to see how residents have enhanced their properties.

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