As a dog owner, having a safe place for your pet to run and play is important and is more than likely one of your top priorities. Making sure your furry friend remains safely confined to the yard gives you the peace of mind that they can be outside unsupervised and still be safe. At The Shed & Fence Company, we know how important pets are to a family, so as a top-rated West Metro, MN fence company, we’re here to give you some helpful tips on deciding which fence would be best for your four-legged family member.

Choosing the Right Fence for Your Dog

There are a number of popular fence options that will keep your dog safe and secure within your yard. However, before deciding on which type of fence you want, it is important to consider your dog’s personality and temperament. 

A tall fence might be a good idea if your dog often finds ways to escape your yard because it will prevent them from jumping and getting out easily. If your dog is excitable and tends to bark a lot, a privacy fence that blocks the view of the outside will help limit surrounding distractions. A durable, low-maintenance fence that can withstand damage from your dog if it gets easily excited and jumps, paws, or digs may be the best fit for you. In this article, we will help you make an informed decision when it comes to the best fencing solution for your dog.

Vinyl Fence Facts for Dog Owners

Vinyl fencing can be an excellent choice for dog owners because it is extremely durable, lasting many years without requiring extensive maintenance or major repairs. The flexibility of a vinyl fence is perfect if your dog likes to jump or lean on the fence as it absorbs the weight and pressure, which is important if you have a large or rambunctious dog.  


Additionally, vinyl fencing is simple to clean, requiring only soap and water to remove paw prints from a dog that may jump or scratch. Having a vinyl fence can even help prevent excessive barking since your dog can’t see what’s on the other side. Vinyl is also very versatile, making it easy to customize to a style that fits your property’s look. The height of a vinyl fence can be adjusted to meet the needs of a pet who may tend to leap or climb. Visit our vinyl fence page for more information about the vinyl fence options we offer.

Aluminum Fencing For Dog Safety

Aluminum is one of the most durable and long-lasting fencing materials available. Its strength and safety, combined with its low maintenance requirements, make it an excellent choice for dog owners. Aluminum is customizable, so it makes it easy to create a stylish, elegant look around your property. Additionally, due to its open design, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to block their view.  Be sure to visit the aluminum fencing page on our website to see all of the different options that are available for your Minnesota residential fence.

Wood Fencing Provides Security

A wood fence not only provides natural beauty to your property,  but it also acts as a strong barrier to keep your dog safe and secure. Coming in a variety of privacy designs as well as open patterns, wood fencing can be customized to fit your preferences and priorities. 


If you have a dog who likes to jump or chase things, a wood fence can be built at varying heights to help keep your pet contained. Additionally, if you have an excitable dog who barks a lot, the privacy style of wood fencing will prevent him from seeing passersby and other things outside of your fenced-in yard. This makes it a great option for helping to curb excessive barking while also acting as a type of sound barrier. On the downside, wood is less resistant to damage caused by a dog’s scratching, jumping, and chewing and will need to be repaired or replaced more frequently over time. More information about what styles might be best for you and your dog can be found on the wood fencing page on our website.

Chain Link Fencing is Affordable and Strong

As a reliable West Metro, MN fence company, we pride ourselves in the ability to offer many different types of fence. Another option that should be considered by dog owners is chain link fencing. A chain link fence costs significantly less than other types of fencing we’ve discussed and is relatively simple to maintain. There are several customization options available, including height and the choice of galvanized or PVC and polymer-coated options, which make them even more durable and rust-resistant. An additional option includes adding slat inserts, which help to provide more privacy, leading to less barking as your dog’s view will be obstructed. For more information on the many choices available, please see the chain link fencing page on our website.

Ornamental Steel is a Strong and Attractive Option

One of the strongest and most durable fence materials we offer is ornamental steel. An ornamental steel fence not only provides a nearly indestructible boundary around your property but it adds a classic look that will elevate the look of any home. Because of its high-quality material, an ornamental steel fence will stand up for years against Minnesota’s harsh winters, and you can be sure that it will easily tolerate any rough play your dog can dish out! Due to its protective finish, an ornamental steel fence is virtually maintenance-free and will look like new for decades. Take a look at the ornamental steel fence page on our website for more information about this great product!

Choosing the Best Minnesota Residential Fence For Your Dog 

In terms of safety, wood fencing, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, ornamental steel fencing, and chain link fencing are all reliable solutions when looking for the best fence for your dog. Each style will keep your pet safe and secure in your yard. However, when it comes to which fencing type you choose, it will depend on your budget, maintenance requirements, durability, and the specific needs of your pet.

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